Pathology Contract Services (celiac etc.)

Jilab Inc. has a modern histopathology laboratory, which is specialized in providing services for academic research and for pharma industry.

Jilab offers a large scale of histotechnical services, including tissue processing, sectioning, staining, virtual slide scanning imaging, quantitative analysis and reporting. The laboratory is run by Prof. Jorma Isola, (MD, PhD), who is board-certified pathologist with 25 year experience in histopathology.

Together with Professor Markku Mäki, Jilab has recently specialized in quantitative morphometry of celiac disease, who has developed and validated quantitative moprhometric methods for analyzing duodenal villus atrophy, crypt hyperplasia, and inflammation. The methods are described in Taavela J et al. 2013.

Jilab laboratory is certified by a national quality assurance organisation (LabQuality Inc.).


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